Using Billo is really easy! 🚀 To keep it short and simple:

  1. Brand creates tasks on Billo Manage

  2. Content creators apply to complete these tasks, Brand selects content creators and sends out the products

  3. Selected content creators complete tasks, upload content and get rewards.

What happens when your task is approved?

  1. You’ll be notified about creators’ applications.

  2. Please approve the creators you’d like to work with.

  3. Logistics: you will find creators' addresses to ship the product to them.

  4. Once creators have product in their hands, they will create the content.

  5. You’ll be notified when the content is ready for approval.

  6. When you approve the content, creators get rewarded 🎉


How to get started?

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How does the creator get my product?

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