How does Billo work (We'll go into greater detail below):

  1. Turn on your notifications.

  2. Apply to the tasks you're interested in.

  3. Get notified when the brand chooses you.

  4. If approved, the brand will send you the product.

  5. You have 3 days to create and upload the video once you receive the product.

  6. Receive payment via PayPal every 2 weeks for all the approved videos.

Table of contents:

Getting started

How do I start on Billo?

  1. Download Billo app for IOS or Android and set up your profile!

  2. You'll be asked to upload a video pitch. Just grab a product you like and record a video as you were recommending it to your friend. You can also upload a video of a previously made campaign. Please do not put any personal handles on your video (TikTok, Instagram, etc).

  3. Once your profile is approved, you'll be able to choose from hundreds of active tasks on Billo.

How do I apply to tasks?

It’s really simple! Just scroll through the active tasks on the app and choose the ones you’d like to work on. Click on “I want this job”, you'll be notified once the brand accepts your application!

How will I know I've been accepted to a task?

You’ll get a notification from the app. Make sure to turn on your notifications not to miss your tasks.

I’ve applied to the tasks but never got accepted

It’s time to update your video pitch! Make sure you upload a high quality video that represents your skills. We have prepared a few tips and tricks on video creation that will help you out.

What factors into my rating?

The amount of tasks you applied, how well you manage to meet the deadlines, the amount of requests for edits you’ve received and how responsive you are to our CS team.

Product logistics

How do I get the products?

Once you will be approved to the task, the products will be sent to your doorstep by the brands.

Are products free for content creators?

99.9% of the times - YES!

Do I need to return the product to the brand?

Most of the times - no. If the product has to be returned to the brand, it will be written in the task brief and the brand will provide you a return label.

How do I communicate with the brand?

We kindly ask you to not communicate with the brands outside the Billo app regarding the tasks on Billo since the direct communication has previously caused problems with product logistics, edits requests, payouts and etc.

Content Creation

How do I know what to include in my videos?

Follow the instructions in the task brief. You'll be provided with the aspect ratio, duration and main requirements for the scenes and mentions in a video. Make sure to read up on the brand and the product that you have to present. Feel free to write down a short script with a few key points, so you wouldn’t have to make up things on the spot.

Where and how do I upload created videos?

Select a task you've created a video for and click on "Upload video". Please always upload your videos via Billo app instead of sending it directly to the brands as in such case Billo will not be able to transfer a payout to you. IMPORTANT: do not post videos you've created anywhere else, only on Billo app :)

How long does it take for my videos to get approved?

On average brands approve videos in 3 days.

What happens if I don't upload the video in 3 days?

Please inform our CS team about the situation and upload your video as soon as possible. Our quality assurance team reviews the profiles that do not meet the deadlines and if such cases repeat, they suspend non responsive creators. In addition, sadly we will need to deduct the amount of the product price for the task from your next payout. We hope you can understand why such measures need to be taken.

What happens if a brand requests edits for the video?

Please fix the issues mentioned in the request in 24 hours. You can always ask for help or tips and tricks from our Customer Support team.


How do I get paid?

You’ll get cash rewards for each approved video to your provided PayPal account twice a month. Our average creator earns 500 dollars per month, the ones who actively participate earn double or triple the amount.

How long does it take to receive the payment?

Payments are made every two weeks to your PayPal account (make sure you provide it in your profile). You'll receive your rewards the same day as our accounting team makes the transfer, the latest in 1-2 work days.

Can I negotiate my rate?

Each task has a set rate (you can check payout and product (giveaway) value).

We also have an opportunity to become a PRO creator. Creators who upload 30 videos per month are reviewed by our quality assurance team. PRO creators at Billo get paid $30 per video, that's worth joining!

P.S. If you have any questions - message us anytime 💌

How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

How to get approved for my first task?

Do I need to post videos on my social media?

Tips and Tricks for Creators

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