We will review your task within 1 business day (most of the times it takes much less :))

In case there is any information missing or your card was declined, one of our managers will get in touch with you. Please check your email, if your task is "In Review" for more than 1 business day or simply reach out to our CS team 🚀

What happens when your task is approved?

  1. You’ll be notified about creators’ applications.

  2. Please approve the creators you’d like to work with.

  3. Logistics: our team is responsible for the communication with the creators. If you’ve given the promo code, we’ll make sure creators get the product online, if you’ll send the product to them, you’ll find their addresses on Billo (please update delivery details).

  4. Once creators have product in their hands, they will create the content.

  5. You’ll be notified when content is ready for approval.

  6. When you approve the content, creators get rewarded 🎉

How to:

Approve Creators

Deliver the Products

Approve the Videos or Request for Edits

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