How do creators get my products?
Product delivery options
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Billo Creators need your product so they can try using them on their own and show the product in the video. We do ask for brands to directly send their products to the creators' preferred shipping address, and you can use any courier of choice to ship the products to your creator πŸ›« 🚒 🚚

Creator Shipping Information

You can find the Creator's shipping information in the following places as soon as you approve the creators you want to work with.

  • The delivery section in the main toolbar on Billo Manage

  • Product delivery page of the task

Brands have 2 days after approving the creators' applications to ship their products.

  • If there are any delays, you can always inform your creator via Direct message.

  • If you need more than 2 weeks to ship out your product, please contact Support via chat πŸ’¬

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