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Creator: How to refer the creator to Billo?
Creator: How to refer the creator to Billo?

I want to invite my friend to join Billo, how should I do this?

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$20 for you, $10 for your bestie 😜

Invite creators like you to Billo and get a bonus for it! ⚡️

If they'll complete their first task, you'll get $20, they'll get $10.

❗️The bonus payment will be transferred with your upcoming payout.

How does this work?

  1. Go to Billo Creator's app -> Profile -> Refer a friend.

  2. There you will find a unique referral code that belongs to your profile. 🙌

  3. You can invite friends directly from the Billo Creator's app by tapping ‘Send invite’; or you can share the code any way you like.

  4. When a new creator will sign-up they'll be able to enter the code given at the registration screen: How did you find out about Billo ➡️ I was referred. 🗣

How do I get the 💰?

  • The referral payment is counted when the newly joined creator completes their first task (the 1st made video has to be confirmed by the client). 🎥

  • For each creator who entered your referral code and completed the first task, you will receive $20, they'll receive $10. 💸

  • The payments for each referral bonus will be added to your next month's payment.

As always, if you'll have any questions - we'll be one message away. 💌


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