As long as the task status is ⚪️ Draft or 🟡 In Review this means you have not yet been charged and you can make changes to this on your own 😉 All you need to do is press "Edit" to make changes to your task.

Check out this table for more information on when you can edit your task 🤓


⚪️ Draft

🟡 In Review


Video Type


Video Quality


Video Duration




Video Examples

*can add once you place an order

Editing services


Creator Criteria

Number of Videos


If you need to make changes to your task but it has an "💬" you need to reach out to the CS Team via Chat so we can make the changes for you 🚀  

🟢 Active Tasks

Once your task is set to "Active" this means you have been charged for your task, and can no longer make changes. Please reach out to Billo support to make the changes. You can do this via chat 💬

How to:

Approve Creators

Deliver the Products

Delete my task?

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