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Creator: Easy ways to shoot your videos for better quality
Creator: Easy ways to shoot your videos for better quality
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👀 Read The Brief: Make sure you thoroughly read through the brief and content requirements before creating your video to avoid edit requests.

📝 Plan Your Video Shoot: Plan your shot beforehand. Your surrounding, your look, clothing, additional items you’ll want to show or not in the shot.

❌ Avoid Using Front Facing Camera: We know it’s more comfortable to see yourself in the frame, but it has lower quality video than your main phone camera. Frame your shot and then film yourself or the product.

❌ Shake That Thing!? Nope: No one likes shaky footage so use a tripod or just put the camera somewhere sturdy. You can use duct tape to stick it to a wall

🎬 Do Test Shots: Film yourself in different locations of your home to see what works and looks best on camera.

⚙️ Set Your White Balance (WB): Set your white balance just before you’ll start filming. Use AE/AF LOCK on your smartphone when you have some white paper in shot. Then you’ll avoid sudden color changes throughout the video.

🟩 Use The Grid: Turn on your Rule Of Thirds grid overlay on your camera app.

The center part of that grid suits perfectly for the 9x16 aspect ratio if shooting horizontal.

🖼 Mind The Framing: Be mindful about the framing of your shot. Keep the negative space around yourself or the product. Then you’ll have some space to work with when reframing or cropping.

📸 Do Multiple Takes: Do multiple takes from different angles, then you’ll have more material to work on within the editing process. Or even if the client will ask to redo some stuff, you might already have it.

👩‍🚀 Give Yourself Some Space!: Don’t be too close to a camera or too far away. Some space above your head and on the sides and you’ll be good to go.

🎯 Keep The Center: Keep yourself and the product in the center of the frame. Avoid moving your product to the edge of the frame. Because it might be covered with social media elements when uploaded to the platform.

✅ If You Have A Good Take, Mark It!: You are the producer of your video and you are in charge of the edit, too. Cover the lens with your hand after you feel like you got a good take so you’ll know exactly where the best takes are in your edit.

🏋️‍♂️ Pump Yourself Up!: You’re the only person in the room, and there’s no director. In order to avoid sounding flat on camera, get hyped with your favorite track, take a lap around the room, or if-else fails, just shake it out and get loose.

📦 What’s The Product?: Make it clear what your product is all about - give the necessary information and show the product clearly in the video.

💬 Don’t Read Off a Script: It comes off very Robot-Like, and we all know that you aren’t. Try to learn about your product and about it from the heart. Or at least memorize your lines. It will sound 100% better than just reading it.

🪠 Clean Up Your Background: This one seems intuitive, but it’s easy to forget. A home office can get messy, and sometimes your homies can leave old food behind. Don’t distract your audience with clutter in the frame. A quick cleanup can do wonders.

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