Do you want to order videos for your digital product/app/service? We are here to help you! 🤩
If your product is digital and there is nothing to be shipped for the creators, choose Product type: Digital product or service. This will speed up video delivery, as creators will be informed to work on your product as soon as possible! 🎬

Video examples of apps and services.

⬇️ Follow these steps to create a task for your digital product or service:

Click on Get Video to get started with your task brief.

Firstly, you will need to create a product.

Click on Select or create a product+ Create a product

In the pop-up window choose Product type: Digital product or service.

Fill in the Product name, description and pronunciation to help the creator say it correctly the first time.
For the product picture, you can upload a visual that best represents your service or a screenshot from inside your app.
The giveaway value can be 0$ if your service or app is free. If there is an in-app purchase that you will give for the creator to use, fill in a value of that.

Give instructions to the creator on how to access your product. These instructions will be visible only by your approved creators.

If you need creators' emails to set up their accounts, reach out to our support team once you approved your creators.

Is your product personalized? Include product questionnaire. Creator will answer these questions when they submit their applications.

Once you created your product, go ahead and select your video type.

More about App and game video types here

Choose from 4 different types of videos:

  • Video Ad

  • App promo

  • App testimonial

  • App explainer

  • App preview

You can decide if the video should include hands-only, the body of the creator, or no model at all.

Body is our casual quality video. It’s simpler and usually filmed with a smartphone.
It doesn't mean that creator will show only show his/her full body. They can show half of it or only face if it's more appropriate for your product.

Hands-only is available both in basic and premium quality. Premium quality ensures higher quality and is recorded using special studio equipment.

No model means that the main focus is on the product, and this is only available in premium quality, using special equipment

You can also select between Basic or Premium Quality videos. App preview videos are only available in premium quality

Basic quality is a home environment video. It’s simpler and usually shot on a smartphone.

Premium quality videos are produced by a selection of more experienced creators with home studios. Expect more attention to detail: better lighting, solid color backdrops.

Learn more about Basic vs Premium quality.

After this you will be able to choose the duration of your video:

The next part is the scenario and additional details. They will be automatically suggested for your task. You can decide if they fit your needs, and adjust accordingly to what you want the creator to do and say in the video.

Scenes are for you to explain what the creator should do or show (inside of the app, how to sign up etc.), what functions of your service or app should be highlighted. You can add new scenes, change places or delete them.


  • Show the App on your mobile device or your desktop when you introduce the App

  • Show how easy it is to change colors

  • Talk to the camera and hold your phone that viewers could see an app.

Mentions is a part where you should write the phrases that the creator should mention while talking about your brand and product, promo and call to action. We do have some predefined phrases to choose from but again you can add new ones, edit suggested ones, change places or delete them.

Additional details is a field inside the task details that will allow you to give more instructions and clarifications, including links to images, websites, references, etc 🔗

The next step is to choose the right aspect ratio, for your video.


This aspect ratio is a full portrait, vertical video. So basically it is used for all the popular apps that have “story” features, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat.


It is a wide horizontal rectangle shape. This aspect ratio is used for Amazon and Youtube. You can also order vertical videos in 9:16 format, and this will be edited into a smartphone by the Billo team

Optional Add-ons

Did you know that about 85% of users watch the videos with the sound off? 🔕

It's optional, but you can add subtitles to your video, so it's convenient for the sound-off viewers.

If you want your video to stand out and highlight specific features of the product, you can order animations for your video. ✨

Note: If you choose to add either subtitles or full edits (callouts, animations, logo, call-to-action) to your video, you will still receive a raw video version too.

You can order as many videos on Billo as needed. Each video in the task will be made by a different creator that you have chosen.

Once you are finished with creating a task and placing an order, we will review it within 1 business day and open it for creators to apply.

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