Here's an easy guide on how you can delete your task 😎

First, check on your Task Status, this should either ˆbe "In Review" or "Active"

Task Status: In Review

A task In Review means you have not yet been charged for this task, and you can make edits to the task aside from deleting it on your own 😉

  1. Click on "Edit" under your task name

    1. On the task editing page, you should see these options on the bottom right of your screen:

  2. Click on Delete

  3. Confirm deleting your task by clicking on "Are you sure?"

You should see a notification on the bottom that the task has been deleted

Congratulations 🎉 you've successfully deleted your task In Review

Task Status: Active

An Active task status means that you have been charged for this task and can no longer make edits or delete it on your own 🙏

In this case, if you need to delete your task and it's already set to Active, please reach out to Billo CS Team via chat or email to help you out 🚀 We may need a few extra details from you before we can proceed with deleting your task. 🤓

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