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How to ask your creator to make changes to your video

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You have already received your video, but your client is not quite happy with the result of it does not fit your client's brief... πŸ˜”

Not to worry! You can request video edits in this case. 😎

See the steps below to do so:
Videos > More > Request Edits > (choose from drop-down menu and leave a comment) > Send Request

Keep in mind that you CAN request edits if:

βœ… creator uploaded a video that does not fit the original brief;

βœ… creator forgot to include (mention) information that was stated in the brief;

βœ… creator did not follow the setting / style / scene mentioned in the brief

βœ… creator mispronounced your brand name.

Unfortunately, you CAN'T request edits if:

❌ you want additional scenes, mentions, or edits that weren’t mentioned in the brief;

❌ you want to remove the voice-over in your video, even though you haven't; specified that this can't be used in your task brief;

❌ you want to change the call to action statement (for example, the promotion date changed);

Make sure to include all edits in one request so that the creator can edit your video all at once.😊

❗If there is an issue with subtitles/editing services, please let our CS team know

Keep in mind that as an agency, you will have to follow these steps on your own, unless your client is added to the Brand Dashboard ➑️ more about that here.

The above guidelines are for reference and if you’re not sure, get in touch with your main contact or email us at [email protected]

You can always visit our Agency Help Center for more information πŸš€

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