What is an Honest Review Video?
An awesome product will speak for itself!
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An Honest Review is a video type on Billo where a creator shares their experiences with your product and discusses its benefits and possible shortcomings. It’s a great quick and authentic way to hear first-hand from your target audience.

Honest Reviews can help your brand by:

  • Increasing the credibility of your product with an authentic review

  • Getting real user feedback, so you can further improve the product

  • Engaging with your customers

  • Using it for internal and external promotional purposes

What makes Honest Review videos unique?

  • ⏰ Quicker turnaround time

    • You cannot request edits for these videos - you’ll be able to download your video as soon as they pass Quality Check

  • ✅ Easier to order

    • There is no script required, making the ordering process simpler and faster.

  • 🎭 More genuine content

    • Creators can share the features, pros and cons, honest feedback about your product, and so much more! 😉

Other details of Honest Review videos:

  • Are available in 30 seconds and 60 seconds

  • You can work with Regular Creators only

  • To get a wider set of reviews, we suggest ordering multiple videos 🤩

Video Examples

Still not sure if this is the right video type for your product? Tell our CS more about your product and we will help you decide! 🤩

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