What is Creative Mode?

A simplified scenario that Brands can order, which gives you the freedom to showcase their product how you see fit 🚀

Filming in Creative Mode

Unleash your creativity, and get working! Here are some tips to make an awesome video in Creative Mode

  • Do a quick search 🔎 on the brand you're working with to find out any info that you might be able to include in your video

  • Check out the product and find any special features, fun facts, or cool information that you can include in your script for the brand

  • Write it down ✍️ make sure that the information is accurate and that you have all the details needed to create an awesome video

Creative Mode Inspiration 🎭

How to know if a task is in Creative Mode?

There will be no scenario. Let your creativity shine and let the additional details help you make an awesome video for the brand 🔑

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