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Creator Education: Tips for Good Audio Quality
Creator Education: Tips for Good Audio Quality

How to get the best Audio Quality! Hacks with no mic required!

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Sound quality matters. It is a major turn-off for the viewer if the video has poor audio quality or distracting noises.

Here are 8 tips for you to nail that audio! P.S. You don't need a mic, a smartphone will do.

✹ TIP # 1: Find a suitable place to record.

The goal is pure peace and quiet. If you live in a noisy area, record at night.

Recording in your bedroom, a carpeted room, or your closet is ideal because soft objects help absorb reverberation.

✹ TIP # 2: Cover hard surfaces with soft objects.

Cover hard surfaces with pillows and blankets. It would prevent echoes. Hard surfaces reflect sound, which is bad. Don't worry, covering nearby objects will help!

✹ TIP # 3: Phone on Airplane Mode.

Set your phone to airplane mode to avoid receiving message alerts that could instantly ruin your video.

✹ TIP # 4: Test recording.

Test record yourself speaking in your selected space. Check your speaking volume and background noise, you can use earphones to hear if there are any distracting noises.

✹ TIP # 5: Record at the right distance.

Don't be shy about getting close to your phone when recording. Your phone's mic should be at arm's length or less. At the right distance, your voice will be clear and crisp.

✹ TIP # 6: Hands-free recording with your earphones and phone.

Here's a hack.

☞ What you need: You will need two bobby pins and wired earphones with a microphone. (like the Apple ones)

☞What you gotta do: Slide the earphone wire under your shirt after plugging it into your phone. Put the microphone outside your shirt to prevent muffling. Secure the wire with two bobby pins. Then, hit record.

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✹ TIP # 7: Hack for Recording Voiceovers.

For voiceovers, the best location to record on your smartphone would be in your closet.

Place a flat cloth between your clothes, then record with your phone. Keep your phone 12-24 inches away.

You can also hold a piece of fabric to your mouth to reduce the pff sound.

*insert screenshot from video*

✹ TIP # 7 Variation: Hack for Recording Voiceovers.

Find a quiet room, look for a flat surface, cover it with a blanket, and then place your phone in the center of the surface, surround it by pillows.

This will keep your audio smooth and help with any reverberation.

There you have it! No need for anything fancy; a little ingenuity and a quiet place will do.

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