9 Easy Video Pitch Tips.

How to nail your video pitch?

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1. Brief:

Follow the brief and fulfill all the requirements. Make sure to include all of the 3 specified scenes.

2. Quality:

Make sure you shoot your video with a rear-facing camera and in at least 1080p


Check this out for tips on how to get the video resolution right

3. Lighting:

Make sure to clean your camera lens, shoot in a well-lit place & ensure that the video is not grainy/shadowy, or pixelated.

Don't be afraid to use the sun or strategically placed household lamps to your advantage.

4. Audio:

Ensure that your audio sounds consistent from scene to scene: clear & crispy with no echo, static, or background noises. We expect the direct audio recording to be the exact same quality as the voiceover one. It is advised to use an external microphone.

Try to shoot in a furnished or carpeted room to avoid reverberation or just cover yourself with a blanket while recording VO!

5. Camera Level:

Keep the camera stable and at eye level when filming yourself in order to make it easier for viewers to follow your movements and eye gaze.

6. Framing:

It's helpful to keep a distance between you and the camera of your video in order to create a sense of place and intimacy that viewers can relate to. Always keep yourself centered.

7. Acting/Speaking Skills:

It's important to sound excited and passionate. Make sure not to overdo it: keep your voice at a relaxed volume, but energetic tone.

8. Extra edits:

Your job on Billo is to deliver beautiful raw footage. Do not include text, filters, transitions, social handles, or music to your videos.

9. Background:

Choose a non-distracting neutral background. The space around you should be wide enough for the whole frame. Dont shoot in limited spaces e.g car, bed. Avoid unnecessary objects in the background and clutter.

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