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Tips on creating and uploading photos to your task 📸
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Brands can order Photos as an add-on to the videos that they purchase in a task 🚀

The most popular photos include these types:

If not specified, we recommend uploading your pictures in a 4:5 aspect ratio.

Photo Styles

Instagram-style product shot in the natural environment

  • Make the product the star of the show here. ⭐️

  • Shoot the product in a relevant background, feel free to use props, just make sure they help the product stand out rather than detract from it.

  • Make sure that the whole product is visible.

Video Thumbnail

  • The video thumbnail is a high-quality photo that matches the vibe and content of the video. 🖼

  • Avoid shaky shots, while filming - make sure to stop and pose for that perfect thumbnail!

  • The product should be visible in the thumbnail.

Selfie with a product

  • Just take a casual picture where you're posing with the product. 🤳

  • Keep an open posture and a positive emotion.

  • Choose a neutral or relevant background.

Lifestyle shots - product in use

  • Show how are you using the product in your everyday life. 🏠

  • Think about this product: for example, in which room would you use it? What other items you could possibly use with this product? Choose a location and vibe that is relevant.

Tips for Taking Photos

  • Keep it natural! Avoid using tons of intense filters:

  • Make sure no other brands/logos are visible in the picture:

  • Keep the image in focus! Don't upload blurry pictures:

  • Exclude irrelevant objects from the pictures:

  • Use natural light and relevant/neutral background for your pictures:

  • Avoid adding any graphics, or text to the picture:

  • Don't upload mirrored images! If the product label is not readable, simply "flip" the image:

  • Make sure your image is uploaded with a supported file format such as .jpg or .png❗️LIVE Photos are not supported on our platform, so make sure to use regular photo settings.

  • ALWAYS follow the brief provided by the brand.

If you'll have any questions, feel free to reach out to the brand through direct chat. 💬

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