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Credit Packs vs Custom Packs
Credit Packs vs Custom Packs

What's the difference between a Credit Pack and a Custom Pack?

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Ordering a Pack from Billo provides flexibility, a wide range of assets, and the best deal when ordering multiple videos 🀩

Credit Packs

The most flexible pack you can order, Credit packs allow you to select any Video Type, Duration, and Creator Criteria, as well, you have the option to include In-house editing services and Photos. You will be able to customize your purchases based on your current project requirements.

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Custom Packs

A more tailored set of packs, Custom Packs offer a convenient way to order videos that would work best with certain platforms, and advertising needs, as well, working with specific creators πŸ˜‰

Custom packs cannot be changed or modified, and have to be used according to the details listed upon pack purchase.

Read more about Custom Packs here

How do Packs Work?

The number of videos you can order depends on the details listed in each pack πŸ˜‰

  1. Complete your Pack purchase on the Billo website

  2. Take note of the pack code once the purchase is successful

  3. Create a task

  4. Select task details that match your pack description

  5. Apply the pack code on the checkout page

  6. Complete Purchase

Keep in mind that some packs have specific requirements before they can be processed by our team πŸ‘€

The categories that can affect the use of a pack code are:

  • Video Type

  • Duration

  • Creator Criteria

  • In-House Editing Services

  • Photos

Not sure what pack to purchase? Check out our Pack Quiz to help you find a pack that suits your needs πŸš€

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