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For Creators: Meta Whitelisting Guide
For Creators: Meta Whitelisting Guide

Step by step guide to get started with Creator Licensing on Meta

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Step 1: Set up Facebook Business Manager and Instagram accounts

To participate, the creator must have a Facebook Business Manager account linked to their Facebook Page or Instagram handle. It is crucial for managing advertising permissions and access.

Switch your personal Instagram account to a creator (or business) account:

  1. Go to Settings and privacy.

  2. Select Account type and tools (or Business tools).

  3. Select your category. You can choose a category that best describes what you do.

  4. Choose Switch to a professional account and tap Creator (or Business).

  5. Connect to your Facebook Page (Tips for creating your Facebook Page).

  6. Review your contact information. At least one form of contact information is required. You'll have the option to display or hide this on your profile.

  7. Choose your profile display options. You can decide whether to hide or display your category and contact details on your profile.

You can follow this guide to set up a creator account. If you'd like to set up a business account on Instagram, you can follow these steps.

Once you set up your account to Creator or Business account, you'll see Professional Dashboard on your profile.

Create Facebook Business Manager account:

2. Click on "Create Account."

3. Provide essential information and business details.

4. Click "Submit" to complete the account creation process.

Great! Your account is set, you are ready to land your first whitelisting deal.

Step 2: Agree to Partnership Terms

Creator will need to sign an agreement with partnership terms, specifying the duration of advertising access. These terms typically include options like 30, 60 or 90 days of whitelisting.

Step 3: Grant Whitelisting Permissions

Creator needs to grant advertising permissions to the brand or partner they wish to collaborate with. This grants the brand the right to run ads using creator's handle.

Note: Creator feed remains free from whitelisted ads.

  1. Once brand adds creator as a partner on their business manager, creator gets a notification to approve the partnership.

2. Creator approves the partnership.

Note: If creator did not receive the notification, steps listed below need to be followed:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Open Business tools and controls (or Creator tools and controls).

  3. Select Partnership ads.

  4. Select Ad partners - partnership request should appear as "Pending Request".

Step 4: Get Paid

Creator not only enjoys higher payouts for whitelisting tasks but also expands their social media accounts visibility to a wider audience.


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