The aspect ratio of a video is the relationship between the width and height of an image or video. Simply put it's the shape of the frame, and when used correctly, you'll be able to maximize the visibility of a brand or product on the screen where the video is meant to be watched πŸ‘€

Can't decide what aspect ratio to go with? It's good to keep in mind that since we live in a mobile world, more and more people consume videos through their mobile devices. Now, let's get into it πŸš€

16:9 Full Landscape

A horizontal rectangle -- this is probably the most familiar aspect ratio, as it is the standard used all over the world in movies, television, and major online streaming platforms, to name a few.

1:1 Square

A perfect square -- would be the best size to use for a video carousel format to keep it consistent all throughout the carousel as well as on Instagram Shop ads.

4:5 Vertical

This aspect ratio works great for videos that are meant to be used on feed placements

9:16 Full Portrait

Since most people use their phones vertically, this is a great format to use for placements on stories, since it captures the whole screen.

The best way to decide which aspect ratio you should go with for your video is to think about the purpose of your video, and what platforms you'll be using it in. 😎

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