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Creator: When will I get paid?
Creator: When will I get paid?

How and when can I expect the next payout?

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You’ll get a money transfer for all of your approved videos twice a month - during the middle and end of the month to the PayPal account provided in the Payment information. πŸ’Έ
Receiving your payment via PayPal, is the only option we have at the moment. Please make sure your PayPal email is added to your profile if you want to get that ca$h. 😎

How do I add my payment information?

To add your PayPal email go to ➑️ Profile ➑️ Settings ➑️ Payment Info.

How do I know the amount of my pending earnings?

It's easy. Go to your Billo Creator's app, on the lower right corner you'll see a tab called 'Earnings' hit that bad boy and see those numbers listed out for you. πŸ˜‰

How much am I getting paid per video?

Want to become a PRO Creator?

  • Get at least 20 videos approved per month – 20th video activates the bonus system.

  • Create & upload videos no longer than 5 days after receiving the product.
    (being late on delivering content will result in deactivating the bonus system)

The PRO Creator Bonus is added on top of each completed video πŸ˜‰

Just so you know:

  • Approved video amounts are counted from 1st day of the month to the last, based on GMT 00 time. Every month the calculation starts from 0.

  • Bonuses are counted on all approved videos during that month.

  • Bonus payments of 20+ approved videos per month, they are made separately and done within the first week of each month.

Not sure if you qualify as a PRO Creator? Check this out: Am I getting that bonus?! πŸ€‘

In order to find out when the next scheduled payout is, you can follow these steps:

  1. Under Your Profile > Click on the "Get Help" button on the Billo Creator's App

  2. Click on "Send us a Message"

  3. From the options select "Other" > "Payouts" > "When is the next payout?" to find out the exact date πŸ“…

P.S. If you have any questions - message us anytime via Chat πŸ’Œ



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