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Experiencing login issues

Can't find the videos to approve? Not sure where your tasks went? There's a chance you're logged into the wrong account

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First things first, The Website is meant for Brands to access Billo πŸ’»
​and the Billo Creator's App is meant for Creators to access BilloπŸ“±

Suddenly lost all your tasks? Can't find your videos? Don't have a brand?

You might be experiencing a login issue if you can't find your brand, tasks, or videos. This could mean:

  • You created a new account using a different login method

  • You signed up for an account using a different email address

  • You are using the wrong login method to access your account

Here's what you should do to access your existing account πŸ˜‰

Check Your Sign in method

Make sure to remember the method you used to sign up and create your profile and use the same one every time you log on to Billo.

For Brands

On you will be given 2 options:

🌐 Sign in with Google

a pop-up window will open so you can sign in with your Google account

❓Forgot your Google password? ➑️ Change or reset your Google password

πŸ”’ Email + Password

type in the email + password you used when you registered for your account

❓Don't remember your password? A password reset email will be sent to you. Don't forget to check the spam folder!

For Creators

On mobile, using the Billo Creator's App you click on "Login" a pop-up will open and give you 3 options:

🍎 Sign in with Apple

A pop up to the Apple ID Sign In page will open, so you can log into your account

πŸ‘€ Sign in with Facebook

You will be redirected to Facebook, so you can log into your Facebook account

🌐 Sign in with Google

You will be redirected to Google, so you can sign in with your Google account

Forgot your password?

Go through the process of recovering your password through the login method you used:

❗️If you accidentally signed up as a brand or creator please contact our CS Team through chat, so we can assist you


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