The best way for us to keep track of your products is to make sure that the tracking information is up to date. The Billo team and creators need this information to look out for the products that will be used in videos 📦

Here's how to put in the tracking information:

  1. On the Task Page go to 🚚 Product Delivery

    1. Due to Ship - these are the items that need to be shipped out to your creators

    2. Shipped - these are the items that are already marked as shipped

  2. You will see a "Mark as shipped"

  3. Input the tracking number 📦 The app will automatically detect the courier

  4. Press Confirm and the creator should be moved to the "Shipped" tab

You have successfully marked the item as Shipped 🚀

Not sure where to find your tracking information?

Here are some helpful guides from the most common couriers 🚚

You will be able to see the status of your product, and if your creator has received this on the task's Product Delivery page of your task 🚚

It looks something like this:

⚠️ Received damaged (the product arrived but it is damaged)

✅ Marked as received (the creator can start working on your video!)

❌ Not Received yet (the creator does not have your product yet)

Have questions about the product status? You can reach out to the CS Team via chat and we can help you out! 💬

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