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Creator Education: Shooting in Natural Light
Creator Education: Shooting in Natural Light

Tips for shooting in Natural Light. No equipment needed!

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Lighting is one of the most important things in video creation.

Don't worry; getting good lighting can be done for free. No need for any equipment, the most powerful light source is the sun, so make use of it.

Start by finding the room in your home with the most natural light. Then find a window. Make sure the light is evenly distributed. We don't want direct sun as this casts shadows.

Once settled, position yourself and the phone. If you don't have a tripod, improvise! Your phone can rest on tables or books.


  • Put yourself in front of the window.

  • Face the window to evenly distribute light on your face.

  • For more light on your face, use a reflector; if you don't have one, use a white board. You can hold the reflector below you. This can add a glow to your face.

  • If it's too bright, adjust and step away from the window. Curtains can also help soften the light.


  • Stand next to the window instead of in front of it. Your face is only partially lit. This increases facial contrast.

  • If the contrast bothers you, use your reflector or board. Put it in front of you, not next to you. The light will bounce nicely onto your face.

If you live in an area with very little light, then please use an external light source. We have a video and article for that too. Check the articles below!

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