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How do I use my Pack code?
How do I use my Pack code?
Where do I apply the discount code to my task?
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If you purchased a Pack, you will be issued a 100% credit code which must be used at every purchase on Billo until you run out of credits. πŸ˜‰ You can use credit packs for any order on Billo, as long as it fits within the parameters of the pack you ordered πŸš€

You will be able to add a discount code only when creating your task:

  • First, select all the Video details, then click Next step

  • In the Payment window, click Enter promo code

  • Add your code and click Apply

You're all set! If you haven't yet, add your credit card details and submit a secure payment 🀩 credit card information is required for all tasks created on Billo. πŸš€ Only the Billing User can make changes to credit card information. If you are having trouble updating this, please reach out to support πŸ’¬

It's important to note that credit pack codes may have specific terms and conditions, such as:

  • valid only for a specific video type

  • can be used for a certain number of videos only

  • has an expiration date.

Make sure to read and understand these terms before applying the code.
If the code still won't go through you can reach out to us via chat for assistance πŸ’¬

Where can I find my Pack balance?

You will see a banner at the TOP of your brand account’s Task Page. that will show your remaining pack balance πŸ˜‰ It will depend on how much credit you have, and what pack you purchased

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