How do I Rate a Creator?

How to provide creator feedback and review for the video they provided.

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Once you approve a video, you can rate it and provide feedback and review for the creator. 🌟

How to Rate a Creator

  • Go to Videos from the top navigation

  • Scroll to the video of the Creator you want to give a review and leave feedback

  • You can rate:

    • Creator - How was the video you received from the creator? Was your task brief followed? Did the creator provide what you're looking for? Was the creator responsive? 🀩

    • Video Quality - Overall quality of the video. Are you satisfied with the video quality?

    • Editing & Graphics (if your task includes Editing Service) - This is done by our Motion Team. Did the video include all the elements included in the bundle that you purchased?

Why should you rate the creator?

  1. Feedback: Ratings provide valuable feedback for creators to improve their work.

  2. Motivation: Positive ratings encourage creators to continue producing content.

  3. Accountability: Ratings hold creators accountable for the quality of their videos.

  4. Visibility: High ratings increase a creator's visibility and recognition on the platform.

  5. Improvement: Feedback from ratings helps creators iterate and improve their content.

What if you rated the creator incorrectly?

If you made a mistake with the rating you selected and wish to rate the creator again, you reach out to our Customer Support team via chat. πŸ’¬

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