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Planning a vacation or getaway? Got sick? Want to pause your Billo campaigns? Set your availability on Billo!

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What's it for?

Planned time off: If you're planning a vacation, a getaway, or just need a break: you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your time off is well-managed by setting your availability on Billo. In this way, you can rest without the worry of new looming deadlines! 🧘

Unplanned time off: This feature is also designed to accommodate unplanned time off, such as sick leave or emergencies. Even in unexpected situations, you can utilize this feature to temporarily pause new campaign assignments.

However, please note that ongoing campaigns will not disappear during your time off and will still contribute to your on-time score.

How it works:

1. Submit your time off request.

  • To ensure a smooth transition into your time off, please update your availability status at least 2 weeks in advance. Just head to Profile → My Availability → Request Time Off, select your dates, and submit. 🏄‍♀️

  • If you're facing an emergency or are sick and unable to submit your request 2 weeks in advance, please take immediate action to prevent new campaign assignments from accumulating. You can quickly pause new tasks by adjusting your availability status within the app.

2. Clear out your To-Do list.

  • Keep in mind, that it's your responsibility to wrap up any ongoing tasks and videos before you leave. Leaving with unfinished projects could result in payout deductions, a drop in your on-time delivery score, or even suspension. 🙏

    If you haven't received some products yet, coordinate logistics with the brand and our support team. Your to-do list before the leave should be cleared out.
    Please note that unfinished projects won't be excluded from your on-time score.

3. Temporary pause on new tasks.

  • Once your time-off request is submitted, we'll clear out your current pending applications and ability to apply for new tasks to pause new task assignments until you're back.

    This ensures you can focus on finishing up your ongoing tasks & disconnect without the pressure of deadline overdue while you're away. 😌

4. Confirm your return.

  • Upon returning, simply confirm your availability within the app to resume the usual process.

    If you submitted the request by mistake or if your plans change, you can adjust your availability anytime. Just go to Profile → My Availability -> Cancel Time Off.

Important reminders:

  • ❗️Update your availability changes as early as possible.

  • ❗️It's your responsibility to clear up all of your ongoing tasks before leaving.

  • ❗️Once you submit a request - we'll clear your pending applications list as well as limit your ability to apply for any new campaigns.

  • ❗️Cancel Anytime: go to Profile → My Availability -> Cancel Time Off.

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