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For Creators: Hooks – Key to High-Performing Video Ads
For Creators: Hooks – Key to High-Performing Video Ads

What makes a good video intro & how to craft an engaging/thumb-stopping hook.

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What is a Hook?

A hook is the first 3-5 seconds of your video ad designed to grab attention.

With users scrolling through endless content, the hook becomes the ad's spotlight, ensuring those initial moments are so engaging that it breaks through the numb scrolling routine. Think of it as the ad's special introduction, showing you something interesting or exciting to make you curious about what comes next.

Why Hooks are crucial?

Without grabbing the user's attention, the entire purpose of the ad is lost. No matter how well you present the product, if you fail to captivate the target audience, your message goes unheard.

Here's what makes a good hook:

Attention triggers in Hooks

  • Verbal: From catchy slogans and intriguing questions to compelling storytelling and memorable phrases, verbal hooks often leverage a strong emotional response.

  • Visual: Focused on actions within the shot, visual hooks highlight dynamic events such as catching a parcel, dancing, cutting, spilling, falling, etc.

  • Combined: When verbal expressions and visual events come together.

Billo's hook types

1. Strong Reaction

Show an exaggerated emotion when using/not using the product. 🎭 The goal is to immediately connect with viewers on an emotional level, sparking curiosity or strong feelings that make them want to keep watching.


  • “I’ve never been so excited about receiving a parcel like this one!”

  • “Seriously, it's nuts! Living with problem X is so frustrating!”

  • “I've got a story that will have you gasping for air – this is next-level insane!”

2. Dramatize the Problem

Dramatize the need for the product, and exaggerate the problem and the frustration that comes with it. 😡 Take the need for the product to the extreme.


  • “My previous hair routine was so tragic that I almost lost all of my hair.”

  • “Today, we're confronting a problem X that can no longer be ignored.”

  • “The time I tried a trending workout routine ended in injury.”

3. Absurd Alternative

Show an absurd alternative for the usage of your product and its outcome/need. Present the worst approach to solving the problem, emphasizing the disadvantages of the alternatives. 🤭


  • “Stop counting sheeps in order to fix your sleep problems!”

  • “Let me be honest with you. If you want to lose weight, manifesting is not enough.”

  • “​I coated myself in glitter, hoping it would reflect the sun and protect my skin. Spoiler: it didn't.”

4. Visual Trick

Hook attention by focusing on the action in the shot. It must be very dynamic, capturing the essence of the narrative in a way that instantly draws viewers in. 🚀 Showcase movement, whether it's a fast-paced sequence, a sudden reveal, or an unexpected twist, creates an immediate sense of intrigue. Focus on the visual part, but do not forget to think about verbal information as well.


  • Engage with the product: catch it, throw it, slide it, etc.

  • Incorporate smooth transitions immediately.

  • Do any other attention-grabbing movement: spin on a chair, run into the shot, fall, dance, etc.

5. Highlight the Popularity

Think of a hook that highlights popularity to emphasize the widespread acceptance and positive reception of a product or service. 🤩 This hook involves showcasing social proof, such as high ratings, positive reviews, or testimonials. The goal is to build credibility and create a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among viewers.


  • “I finally received this viral product!”

  • “TikTok is crazy about this product right now!”

  • “This was sold out 3 times already, but I finally managed to get myself one!”

6. Target Audience Callout

Craft a personalized video hook that speaks directly to the audience. Show how the special things about the product match what the audience likes or needs. Let them know the product isn't just like any other – it's made just for them. 🗣


  • “Girls, I finally found a bra that is our ally!”

  • “My dear social media managers, we all know how time management can become an issue.”

  • “Mommies, listen up! This product is a game-changer for our kids!”

7. Controversy

Grab attention by presenting a bold and provocative statement or perspective to create a controversial video hook. Craft your message with clarity and confidence, but be mindful not to cross ethical boundaries. 😱


  • “I'm about to spill some major tea that's been kept secret for too long.”

  • “Let me tell you something that the sports industry doesn’t want you to know.”

  • “Prepare to rethink everything you thought you knew! I’m gonna unmask the reality of [common belief/myth].”

8. Emphasize one USP (unique selling point)

Focus on showcasing the single most distinctive and compelling feature of the product or service. ☝️ Go straight to the point by conveying the message of what problem the particular product or service solves.


  • “If your hair is as thick as mine, this shampoo is definitely for you!”

  • “I finally found the app that effortlessly builds a healthy routine with minimal effort!"

  • “Enjoy your favorite meals without gut discomfort – get these probiotics!”

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