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How to add my Billing Information?
How to add my Billing Information?

Find out how to assign a payment method to your brand and how to change your billing information.

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Create your First Task

It's important that you Create your first task on Billo before you can add your Billing Information😉

Add Payment Method

You will be asked to add your payment method when creating your task 🚀

How to add Payment Method:

  1. Add the Credit Card Information

  2. Optional: Fill in the Invoice Details by clicking "I need an Invoice"

  3. Agree with the T&Cs, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy.

  4. Click on "Submit Secure Payment" to save your Payment Method

Once you create your first task, you will be able to add/make changes to your Billing Information, and Payment Information 🚀

Add Billing Information

Your Billing information should match the information listed on your Credit Card. This information will be used when you receive your official Invoice.

Here are the steps on how to add or make changes to the Billing Info:

  1. Go to "Brand"

  2. Go to "Billing" > Billing Info

  3. Click "Edit Billing Information"

  4. Add/edit your details

  5. Click "Save"

Add Payment Information

Here's how to add/make changes to the Payment Information:

  1. Go to "Brand"

  2. Go to "Billing" > Payment Info

  3. Click "Edit Payment Methods"

  4. Click "Add Payment Method"

  5. Click "Save"

Only the Billing user can add the payment information to the brand, and you can add multiple Credit Cards to your account, as long as they have the same Billing Info. Keep in mind that you need at least ONE Credit Card registered to your account. 💳

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