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Get to know your Brand dashboard, and explore the different tabs you need to navigate through the platform. 😎

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Navigate using the tabs on the top of your screen. Easily find what you need in a few clicks.

Here are the different tabs on your brand dashboard:

  • Brand details - find information about your brand and products you have created, manage your teammates, and see your billing details. (click beside your brand name)

  • Home - this is a summary of all your tasks, things to do, and how much you've spent.

  • Tasks - see a list of your tasks and check the progress of each task separately.

  • Shipments - find the list of creators waiting for the products and the list of already shipped products.

  • Creators - find new applications and creators you’ve already worked with.

    • New creators - this list displays new creators who recently joined Billo. You can click order video and this creator will be invited to your task.

    • Your previous hires - this list displays all creators that you have worked with before and you can invite them to work on your task again by clicking order video.

    • Creator applications - this list of all creator applications for all of the tasks of your brand.

  • Videos - check the videos that are waiting for your approval and find the gallery of your approved videos.

  • Inspiration - get inspired by our pre-filled templates, for a simpler task creation process.

  • My Brands - this allows you to see all the brands you manage at Billo.

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