Select your ad goal to get suggested scenes and mentions for your task. You can decide if they fit your needs or adjust accordingly to what you want the creator to do and say in the video.

🎬 Scenes can be used for highlighting what the creator should or should not include in the video. Some examples could be:

  • Show the product in use and how to apply it to your face

  • Show how to install the product

  • Film in your kitchen/bathroom/outside

  • Start video with unboxing the product

  • Talk directly to the camera while holding a product

  • Do or do not do the voiceover

  • Show different functions of the product

  • Highlight the inside of the product

  • Include a scene of your dog playing with a toy

📢 Mentions are here to guide the creator about what product's features to highlight in the video. As well, it can be used to indicate special offers. Most common mentions:

  • Comes in different colors

  • Easy to use

  • Made in the USA

  • Great fit

  • High quality

  • Fast shipping

  • Get a 50% discount

  • Subscribe now

  • Customizable

Here is a couple of scenarios that became great videos. 😎

Scene #1

Start the video by showing the product in its packaging

Scene #2

Show how easy it is to install

Scene #3

Make sure to highlight its pockets for accessories

Scene #4

Include a scene of your dog laying in it

Mention #1

Holds up to 30 pounds

Mention #2

Perfect height for your dog

Mention #3

Free shipping

Scene #1

Show the unboxing of the product

Scene #2

Do a voiceover explaining how convenient it is

Scene #3

Include a scene of you with the product explaining how easy it is to order

Scene #4

Finish the video with a cup of coffee next to the product

Mention #1

Freshly roasted in Brooklyn, NY

Mention #2

Save time and money

Mention #3

Never run out of coffee

Mention #4

Change order anytime

To receive your perfect video as fast as possible make sure to have your scenes and mentions as clear as possible. But keep in mind that the creator should have space to show off their creativity.🚀

Are you ready to see your vision come to life? 🤩

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