We aim to deliver quality videos to all our clients. In case you are not satisfied with Billo, we will be happy to refund you if:

  • you created or duplicated a task by accident;

  • no suitable creators applied to your task. Please note, though, that in most such cases our Customer Support team can help you by inviting more quality creators to apply to your task;

  • you haven't shipped your product out to selected creators within 30 days of task creation and no longer wish to proceed with the task. A refund is only possible within this 30-day window in this case;

  • you haven't received a video within 30 days of the creator receiving your product (in such cases we will need to see proof of delivery). Here we will also compensate your product COGS (cost of goods sold is how much it costs to produce your products or services. It excludes indirect expenses, such as distribution costs and sales force costs). We might ask you to provide proof of COGS.

If you have other concerns or are experiencing a problem not mentioned above, please reach out to Customer Support.

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