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For Creators: Video Resolution Requirements
For Creators: Video Resolution Requirements
1080p? 4k? 30fps? What do these numbers mean and how do I upload my video so the Billo Creator's app accepts it?
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In case you've encountered an issue regarding the aspect ratio or resolution of your video when uploading to the Billo Creator's app, this is because we have minimum requirements to ensure that brands can use your video across all platforms 🀩

Minimum requirements (any less will not be allowed by the Billo Creator's app)

  • Aspect Ratio + Resolution

    • 1:1 (square) + 1080 x 1080

    • 4:5 (portrait) + 1080 x 1350

    • 16:9 (landscape) + 1920 x 1080

    • 9:16 (portrait) + 1080 x 1920

  • Frame rate

    • 25fps or 30fps fixed frame rate

We also recommend the file format to be mp4 and size to be 500mb or less.

Getting the aspect ratio and resolution right using InShot πŸŽ₯

You can use any video editing software to edit your video, we just recommend using InShot to download the video file to meet our minimum size standards.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app to your device, here's how to get the right video size you need to upload on the Billo Creator's app πŸš€

Upload your video, or if you used InShot and are finished editing, make sure you complete the 3-step checklist 🌟

βœ… Select the correct Canvas size

In the app, depending on the aspect ratio needed for your task, you can select from 1:1, 4:5, 16:9, and 9:16 which are all video size options that Billo offers πŸ’‘ Make sure there are NO blurred lines on the sides of your video, you can always zoom in to remove this πŸ€“

βœ… Remove the InShot logo

To remove the InShot logo on the lower right corner before downloading your video, click on the X on top of the logo πŸ˜‰ you may have to watch a short ad if you are using the free version of the app

βœ… Download your video

When downloading your video, select the following settings:

  • 1080p or 4k

  • 25 or 30fps is recommended

  • MP4 file format

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the 3-step checklist πŸŽ‰

You should now be able to upload your video to the task you're working on in the Billo Creator's app πŸ“²

Here's a cheat sheet for the video requirements 😎

  • Aspect Ratio + Resolution

    • 1:1 (square) + 1080 x 1080

    • 4:5 (portrait) + 1080 x 1350

    • 16:9 (landscape) + 1920 x 1080

    • 9:16 (portrait) + 1080 x 1920

  • Frame rate: 25fps or 30fps fixed frame rate

  • Compression: h.264, square pixels

  • Color depth: 8 bit, SDR

  • Audio: stereo, AAC compression, 128kbps, sound in both channels

  • Geo tags & other non video streams removed

  • File format (recommended): mp4

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