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How does Billo work?
How to get more applications?
How to get more applications?

Not enough creators applying to your tasks? You might want to expand your audience πŸ€“

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You've made your first task, and you're excited to see the applications rolling in, but you don't like any of the creators who applied, or you're not getting enough applications πŸ˜₯

For every video unit you order, up to 20 creators can apply, for every additional video unit, an additional 10 creators can apply

If you want more creators to apply then you need to Dismiss the ones you don't want to work with πŸ™… so that the task will become visible to other creators, and they can apply 🀩

One more thing! Keep in mind that only the creators who match your creator criteria will be able to see your task πŸš€

If at any point, you are not getting enough creators, and you decide that it would be okay to expand your Creator Criteria, you can always reach out to anyone in the CS Team and we can do this for you 😎 We can even offer suggestions of Creators who might be a good fit for your task, just share more details of who you're looking for πŸ’œ

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