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Interested to become a premium quality creator? You're ready to level up what you can offer at Billo? Interested to receive a higher payout?


🀳 Basic quality videos are shot with a smartphone that is able to film in Full HD. Some creators use additional equipment, such as microphones and lights, but it is not required. Basic videos have a simpler feel to them, featuring their natural home environment.

πŸŽ₯ Premium quality videos are shoot with a device that is able to film in 4K. Creators use additional equipment (external microphones, studio lights) to create a higher-quality video. These creators have a deeper knowledge of videography and editing skills. Videos will have better, aesthetical composition, brighter lighting, and more overall attention to detail.

⬆️ Before sharing your interest in the Premium creator role - please take a look at our requirements. Without professional gear and skills - we won't be able to approve you.

Interested? Let us help you become a Premium Creator πŸš€

Here are the steps to becoming a Premium creator on Billo:

  1. Please make sure that you're ticking all of the Premium Requirement boxes mentioned above. Skills and Equipment included.

  2. Check out some video pitch examples here.

  3. Film your video pitch and send it directly to [email protected] expressing your interest to become a premium creator. 🀩

πŸ’‘Take Note: Once you become a Premium creator, we would have to remove Basic video opportunities for you and replace them with Premium. Not to worry! The rates for Premium videos are way higher!

If you’ll feel like the Premium tasks are not what you expected - we can always switch your account back so you will only be able to see tasks for Basic videos πŸ˜‰


Have other questions? Visit our Creators help center.

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