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For Creators: How to become a Premium Creator?
For Creators: How to become a Premium Creator?

Interested to level up your content creation skills, and provide premium quality videos? This article is for you 😎

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Want to know what's next on your Billo journey? You can level up and become a Premium Creator, earning better pay for each task πŸ€‘

Premium Creator characteristics πŸ“

  • Skilled in video creation;

  • Confident and natural in acting;

  • Combine excellent audio and visual quality with a creative touch that makes their content truly engaging;

  • Consistently earn high ratings on Billo.

Premium Creator payouts πŸ’°

How can I become a Premium creator?

This opportunity comes with some time and effort! The offer to become a Premium creator will appear in your "Offers" section once you:

  • Get 14 videos on Billo approved by brands;

  • You should have a minimum of 5 videos rated.

  • Your average rating should be 4.8 or higher.

  • Keep an on-time delivery score of 90% or more.

Meet these goals to grab the offer – so let's give those videos our all 😎!


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