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For Creators: All about your Ratings
For Creators: All about your Ratings

What do these stats mean?

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You will be able to see your stats under the Profile tab of the Billo Creator's app 🚀

My Videos ▶️ number of all uploaded and approved videos
My Rating ⭐️ average video rating of all the uploaded and approved videos
On Time 🕔 shows you what % of your past 3 to 20 videos (approved in the previous 365 days) were delivered on time (5 days).

Don't worry! Your rating can change on a daily basis 😉

How do I improve my creator rating?

⭐️ Check the product's tracking so you can plan when you will make your video

⭐️ Read and review the scenarios, mentions, and additional details of the task

⭐️ Upload your videos in a timely manner (5 days from when you get the product)

⭐️ Quality is Key 🔑 Brands will make time for you if you can produce AWESOME videos even if your delivery time is longer than 5 days

⭐️ Keep applying to tasks, the more cool videos you do, the more chances are your videos will be rated well, and this can increase your rating.

How do I improve my On-Time Delivery Score?

The best way to improve your delivery score is to consistently submit your video on time ⏲️ the video delivery time is calculated from the moment your product is marked as delivered to the moment you upload the final version of the video.

Read more about your On Time Delivery Score here 🚀

Where do I find the ratings that brands left me?

To view the ratings and comments that brands left you, go to your "Profile" > and click on "My Videos" 🚀

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