You will be able to see your stats under the Profile tab of the Billo app 🚀

My Videos ▶️ number of all uploaded and approved videos
Rating ⭐️ average video rating of all the uploaded and approved videos
Avg. Delivery 🕔 average delivery time calculated by the 10 most recently approved videos uploaded in the last 60 days
Member since... 🗓 the date you signed up for Billo

Don't worry! Your rating can change on a daily basis.😉

How do I improve my creator rating?

⭐️ Check the product's tracking so you can plan when you will make your video

⭐️ Read and review the scenarios, mentions, and additional details of the task

⭐️ Upload your videos in a timely manner (3 days from when you get the product)

⭐️ Quality is Key 🔑 Brands will make time for you if you can produce AWESOME videos even if your delivery time is longer than 3 days

⭐️ Keep applying to tasks, the more cool videos you do, the more chances are your videos will be rated well, and this can increase your rating.

How do I improve my delivery time?

It's good to keep in mind that even if you submit your video within 3 days of marking the product as received - the video delivery time is calculated from the moment your product is marked as delivered to the moment your video is approved by the client.

  • For digital products - the countdown starts once you're approved.

  • For physical products - it's calculated once your product is marked as delivered.

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