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For Creators: On-time Delivery Score
For Creators: On-time Delivery Score
What is the reliability score?
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Creators must deliver their videos in 5 days upon receiving the product. The 5 day countdown begins when a product is marked as delivered by the shipping company. Your On-Time Delivery Score will be 100% as long as you deliver by the fifth day.

On-Time Delivery Score is visible to brands in your performance statistics when you apply for tasks.

*You can find this under your profile on the Billo Creator's App 🚀


  • It shows you what % of your past 3 to 20 videos (approved in the previous 365 days) were delivered on time (5 days).

  • It displays the following: "% of videos uploaded within 5 days."

  • We expect at least a 90% score. Getting 90% earns you a "reliable" badge.


  1. Prepare before receiving the product. First, familiarise yourself with the task requirements. Second, write a script and storyboard. Third, prepare any additional materials/set-up needed. Fourth, visualize how you want to present your video.

  2. Get an estimated delivery date so you can set a certain time in your schedule to film your video.

  3. Don’t do things at the last minute. We all know that deadlines increase productivity but let's make this process fun and stressless.

It's good to keep in mind that even if you submit your video within 5 days of marking the product as received - the video delivery time is calculated from the moment your product is marked as delivered to the moment your final video is uploaded.

  • For digital products - the countdown starts once you're approved.

  • For physical products - it's calculated once your product is marked as delivered.


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