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How does Billo work?
Choosing Your Creator Criteria
Choosing Your Creator Criteria

How do creators know what I'm looking for?

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The best way to make sure that our Billo creators know what you're looking for when deciding who to work with for a task is by making the right choices in the Creator Criteria 😎

When choosing your Creator Criteria:

  • Choose between Regular or Premium Creators,

  • Select your preferred creator's age and gender,

  • Select tags that reflect your ideal creator's characteristics

  • Include more specific characteristics in the Additional Notes

Additional Notes ✍️

Here are some ideas of what to include when adding information to the Additional Notes:

  • Looking for a creator with a pet that they can include in the video

  • Need a couple to be part of the video, the creator should be in a relationship

  • Parents are encouraged to apply to this task, since we need the kids to be using the product in the video

  • The creator should be able to film in a specific location (e.g. a large field, outdoors, in the bathroom, etc.)

  • The creator needs to own a portable charger in order to use the product

  • Product installation required, please take note that the product should be installed under the kitchen sink

  • We need a creator who has experience applying this kind of product (e.g. wigs, false lashes, press on nails, etc.)

DOs and DON'Ts when using Additional Notes:

❌ Put a question like "what is your size?" since creators cannot answer this here

βœ… Use the Product Preferences form instead to ask your creator a question

❌ A link to your brand story, or anything related to your brand

βœ… Use the Additional Details field instead

❌ A promo code that they need to use to purchase your product

This is visible to creators before they apply to your task, so anybody will be able to use this code

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