How to use Discount Codes?

How do I apply a promo code my task?

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After completing your Video details, you will be able to add a promo code on the Payment page when creating your task πŸš€

Apply Promo Code

Here's how to add the promo code to your task:

  1. In the Payment window, click "Add a promocode"

  2. Add your code and click Apply

    ❗ promo code cannot be used if you select Billo balance as your payment method

You're all set! If you haven't yet, add your credit card details and submit a secure payment 🀩

Promo Code Terms

It's important to note that some codes have specific terms and conditions, such as:

  • Valid only for a specific video type, duration, or creator criteria

  • Can be used for a certain number of videos only

  • Has an expiration date

Make sure to read and understand these terms before applying the code.

If the code still won't go through you can reach out to us via chat for assistance πŸ’¬

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