If you've already created your Brand account on Billo - well done! If you're new here, you can create it in 2 easy steps.

I've filmed a quick video to show you how to create your very first task in a minute ⬇️

How to create a task to ensure you get the great content?

5 tips from Billo team:

  • Add video examples of what you're expecting for.
  • Give some ideas or highlights about your product/service, so creators can mention it.
  • Add call-to-action! No matter how good the video is, viewers are interested in special offers. It will also boost your conversions 🚀
  • Give freedom to creators! Giving them some ideas is great but we also highly suggest you to give them space to improvise. 🤩
  • Choose the right aspect ratio for the platform you are planning to run the video ad at. For example, 1:1 and 4:5 will best fit Facebook and Instagram feed, while 9:16 will be perfect for Facebook/Instagram stories and TikTok.

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