To complement a video, you can order a set of four photos from each creator. By default, the set of photos includes these types:

If these four types don't suit your vision, you can edit the "Description" field and describe what should be shown in the photos. ✍️

You can see examples of each below 🚀

Instagram-style product shot in the natural environment

Shot in a relevant background, your product is the superstar here. ⭐️ You can use Instagram-style product shots in a natural environment to show your product in a real-world setting or it can be useful for showcasing the aesthetic appeal of a product.

Video thumbnail

It's no surprise that a video needs to have a nice thumbnail to look appealing in your feed. Get a high-quality photo that matches the vibe and content of the video. 🖼 Video thumbnails are also commonly used in video search results, playlists, and other areas where videos are grouped together. Additionally, they are useful for branding and promoting a channel or account.

Selfie with a product

It's a casual picture where the creator is posing with your product. 🤳 You can use a selfie with a product when you want to show the product in use and give a sense of the user's experience with it.

Product highlight shot - product in use

The creator shows how they use the product in their everyday life, and showcase the product's functionality and benefits 🏠 It's also useful when you want to show the product in action and demonstrate how the product can be used in different settings or situations.

A few tips on how to get perfect pictures to fulfill your idea:

✔️ Describe what you'd like to see in each picture. If you have a specific vision, providing more details will get you closer to making it happen.

✔️ If you need a few pictures of the same type, explain how they should differ: should it be a background change or a different emotion?

✔️ Specify technical requirements, such as aspect ratio.

💡 When to use the photos you order:

Instagram-style product shot

Video thumbnail

Selfie with the product

Product highlight shot

Social Media Platforms

Seasonal promotions

Email marketing

Lookbook or catalog

E-Commerce website

Brand Story

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