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Creating a Task: Using the Additional details
Creating a Task: Using the Additional details
More specific details, just for your approved creator πŸ˜‰
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Maximize the potential of your task by using the Additional details field on the Task Creation page 🀩

A field inside the task details that will allow you to give more instructions and clarifications, including links to images, websites, references, etc πŸ”—

Some suggestions of what you can put in this field ✍️

  • Your Brand Story, or more details about your brand to provide context to the creator

  • Link to your brand page, so the creator has a better idea of your brand's vibe

  • Links to video references

  • What background you would prefer (e.g indoor, outdoor, plain background, etc.)

  • How you would like to style the creator (e.g. wear a sporty outfit, tie your hair up, wear light makeup, put on a suit, etc)

  • Requests to ask the creator to follow the script word for word

  • Emotions you want your creator to show

  • If you prefer voice over for your video

  • ... and so much more!

If you ordered Editing services for your task, this is a great field to use for instructions, links to brand assets, brand colors, etc. that our Motion Graphics team can refer to when placing your extra edits πŸš€

DOs and DON'Ts when using this field:

❌ Put the script that your creator has to follow

βœ… Put the script in the scenes and mentions instead

❌ A promo code that they need to use to purchase your product

βœ… Brands should send the creators the product on their own

❌ A link to a script on another website

βœ… We prefer Brands use the "Scenarios and Mentions" part of the task for the script of the video, to help us through the approval process

Where to find the additional details?

When you create your task, on the Video Brief page of the Task Creation Process

You will see the "Additional details" Field after the Scenario πŸ€“

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