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For Creators: How to use Green Screen
For Creators: How to use Green Screen
Tips and tricks to shoot an awesome video using a virtual background
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What is a Green Screen?

A visual-effect or video editing technique for layering media together. Simply put, you can make the green screen used as a background disappear and replace this with any image or video you want to put in its place. You can place a subject anywhere in the universe, just by changing the background πŸ€“

How to use a Green Screen

Here are the basic steps for using a green screen:

  1. Hang your green screen.

  2. Light your green screen and your subject.

  3. Set up your camera.

  4. Place your subject between the camera and green screen.

  5. Record your video footage.

  6. Edit the green screen out.

  7. Add in new footage in the background.

When using green screen keep in mind:

  • Your green screen should cover the whole background area of your video

  • Lighting is key! It should be the same for both the subject and green screen

  • Use a tripod - keeping your camera stable is important

avoid having these things in the final video:

  • Green strokes/borders around the subject or creator

  • Avoid being cut when shooting with a green screen, i.e. having similar color clothes to the green screen

We recommend using InShot to create cool green screen videos. You can check out this video for a step-by-step tutorial πŸ˜‰

You can also use InShot to make sure that your video meets the Billo minimum video requirements ➑️ Click here to view a list of our Video Resolution Requirements

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