TIKTOK 101 📱

General Guidelines:

1. Keep it short

TikTok videos are usually upbeat and fast-paced. Long videos can lose viewers' attention, so keep them between 9 - 12 seconds long.

2. Full-screen focus

TikTok users prefer using the 9:16 portrait mode. Take advantage of this by filling in the screen. Show the video's main subject in the "safe zone" (see picture) so neither you nor the product gets lost on the screen.

3. Show a variety of scenes/shots

Top-performing TikTok ads use different backdrops and settings to attract the audience. Instead of a static background, try changing scenery, viewpoints, and adding different angles to keep the viewer interested. Quick and fast pacing works great.

4. Connect with the audience

TikTok users like relevant and entertaining content. You can do this by sharing a story, creating a funny/interesting skit, or offering something informative and inspiring. It all comes down to finding a way to engage and connect with your audience.

5. Product placement

TikTok is a platform for people to express and share their creativity. When creating product-related content, introduce the product without promoting it. No direct selling or call-outs. (ex. make-up tutorials, get ready with me, outfit changes etc)

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The most important thing on TikTok is the hook. If you don't attract the viewers' attention quickly, they'll scroll away. Make sure you personalize it based on the product and brief.


Start with an issue.

Starting with a problem statement will help you develop an instant connection with your target audience. Struggles and flaws are relatable.

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✹ Talk in short sentences.

It helps break down the content and make it more digestible for the viewer.

Make a list.

Lists are great for TikTok ads because they give the audience a clue on what the video will be about.

Lists with:

  • numbered ideas

  • solutions

  • tools

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This hook makes people think they're missing out on something amazing. It usually consists of something like “this thing is a fad”, or “everyone is doing it”.

Consider how the product can make someone's life easier and how difficult it is to live without it.


"61 % of TikTokers say they like brands better when they jump on trends"

Let's learn the trends, shall we?

✹ Trending audios.

Search for ones that are relevant to your niche/product. Look for early trending audios; there's a greater chance for your video to go viral.

TikTok Audio Library

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✹ Trending videotypes/transitions.

Trending TikTok Videos

Get creative when showcasing the product. There are various ways:

  • short videos with text all over the screen

  • ASMR

  • voiceovers

  • looping videos

  • storytelling

  • transitions

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✹ TikTok edits.

Grab users' attention with TikTok native editing techniques, filters, and pace. Find the balance between UGC-like authenticity and a polished look when piecing it together. You can edit and use effects through the TikTok app.

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use the APP: Snaptik.

  1. Choose the video on tiktok.com

  2. Click the Share button > Copy Link to get the link of the video

  3. Go to SnapTik.App tiktok video downloader and paste the link of the TikTok video and the toolbar

  4. Click download and select Server.App to save the video to your devices


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Good luck and have fun!

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