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I Purchased a Pack, What's Next?
I Purchased a Pack, What's Next?
How do I order videos using credits?
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If you purchased a pack, you should receive a Credit Code that you can use for your upcoming tasks. 🚀

After purchasing a Pack, keep in mind:

  • A 100% Discount code will be issued and can be used for any qualifying task.

  • Your remaining Credit pack balance is visible on the banner at the top of your brand account’s Task Page.

  • You can also add an additional creator to your task created with a Credit Pack. Our finance team will deduct this from your credit pack balance 😉

How to use your Pack code?

Create A Task, and on the checkout page of the task, you will see an area in the order summary where you can put the promo code ➡️ Click on Apply to activate this, and your credit pack should adjust the order total to $0

Some packs may include a bonus GIF or Mashup, which is a compilation of the videos you ordered with a specific pack. There are also packs that include a Dedicated Account Manager, but this does not apply to all purchased credit packs.

If you purchased a pack with an Account manager, they will reach out to you via email connected to your Billo account and they will assist you with any concerns you have related to the Credit Pack tasks you created 🤩

Need more help with your Credit Pack? You can reach out to Support 💬 via chat, and our team will do what we can to assist you 🚀

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