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I Purchased a Pack, What's Next?
I Purchased a Pack, What's Next?

How do I order videos using funds from my Billo balance?

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When you purchase a pack, the funds are added to your Billo balance.

How does your Billo balance work?

  • Billo balance is a payment option that allows clients to top-up their balance and use it to pay for orders.

  • When you purchase a pack or top-up balance, funds are transferred to your Billo balance and are valid for 12 months.

  • When a task is created, funds will be deducted from your Billo balance.

❗ Top up balance - adding more funds to your Billo balance

How to use your Billo balance?

Create A Task, and on the payment stage of the task creation, under Payment, you will see Billo balance. If you have enough funds ➑️ Click on Submit order. When you submit an order, we'll deduct the required amount from your Billo balance.


Can I get a discount? Do you offer discounts?

  • Our Packs are our discounted offers. The bigger the Pack you purchase, the more bonus (discount) you get! πŸ’°

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