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How to Add Creator as Meta Whitelisting Partner?
How to Add Creator as Meta Whitelisting Partner?

Quick steps to start with Creator Licensing

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By adding a creator as your Partner on Business Manager, you will be able to run ad campaigns using their social handle. Here's how to quickly set it up:

Step 1: Access Your Meta Ad Account

Log in to your Meta Ad Account using Facebook Business Manager. Go to Settings > Ad Partnerships.

Step 2: Add Creator as Business Partner

Billo's Customer Success will provide you with the creator's Instagram handle. You will need to request creator to become Business Partner by clicking on "Add partnership". This initiates the process of accessing their account for ad placement.

Step 3: Attain Whitelisting Access

Creator will accept your request and you'll gain the ability to use their account for your whitelisted ads. Partner Status will change from "Request sent" to "Active" once the creator accepts the request.

Well done! You are all set up and ready to create whitelisted ads!

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