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How does the creator get my product?
How does the creator get my product?

Product delivery to the creator process explained.

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Billo Creators need your product so they can try using them on their own and show the product in the video. We do ask for brands to directly send their products to the creators' preferred shipping address 🚚

Creator Shipping Information

You can find the Creator's shipping information in the following places as soon as you approve the creators you want to work with.

  • The delivery section in the main toolbar on Billo Manage

  • Product delivery page of the task

Brands have 2 days after approving the creators' applications to ship their products.

  • If there are any delays, you can always inform your creator via Direct message.

  • If you need more than 2 weeks to ship out your product, please contact Support via chat πŸ’¬

Add tracking information

Here are steps on how to add the tracking information, so your creators can look out for your product πŸ“¦

  1. Go to the Delivery Page of the Main Toolbar, OR in the Product Delivery tab of the Task Page 🚚

  2. Click on "Mark as shipped"

  3. Provide the shipping details by adding the tracking number πŸ“¦

  4. Press Confirm and the creator will be moved to the "Shipped" tab

Product Delivery Status

You will be able to see the status of your product, and if your creator has received this on the Product Delivery page of your task 🚚

The product delivery page looks like this:

Delivery Status Meaning

⚠️ Received damaged (the product arrived but it is damaged)

βœ… Marked as received (the creator can start working on your video!)

❌ Not Received yet (the creator does not have your product yet)

Have questions about the product status? You can reach out to the CS Team via chat and we can help you out! πŸ’¬


Product Returns

Can the creator return the product that I sent them?

No, we don't recommend asking creators to return the product that was sent, since this is part of the reward for making your video 🀩

Using the Same Product

Can the creator use the product they already have?

Yes! Creators can use the product they already have πŸ˜‰ If you Re-Order your task from a creator who already has your product, they can use the same product in the new task.

Giveaway value

What is the giveaway value?

The Giveaway value is the Product Value or price that your product is sold for. πŸ˜‰

This is considered as an added bonus for creators when they apply to your task. We encourage including this amount when creating your task πŸš€

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