It's great to see that you'd like your colleagues to join your Brand on Billo 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

You can share the brand account so that your teammates to collaborate with you on the same Brand Dashboard 🤩

1. Head on over to Brand > Users 👥

2. Click on Invite and input their email address 💌

3. Click on Send invite, and your teammates should be notified 🙋

  • If your teammate does not have their own Billo account, they will be sent a sign-up link so they can create their account 👤

  • If your teammate has their own Billo account, they are informed that they now have access and can view the brand under 🧳 My Brands


Can I revoke/cancel an invitation I sent?

Yes, you can. Press on the 3 dots beside the email address of the person you invited, then Select "Remove"

How do I remove a teammate from my brand?

Reach out to us via Chat, so we can remove the teammate for you 💬

What's next?

Create your first task on Billo

Approve creators' applications

Deliver the product

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