If you've already created your Brand account on Billo - well done! If you're new here, you can create it in 2 easy steps. 🚀

You can create a new brand or switch through your existing brands using the toolbar on the left side of your screen: My brands.

In each brand dashboard, you will be able to create separate tasks and keep track of where your tasks stand. As well as, decide on who can apply for your tasks and easily accept or decline the creator's actions.

💵 Billing and subscriptions:

Each brand will have a separate billing plan, so you will be able to either get charged for each video upfront or upgrade to our subscription plan for each brand separately, as subscription plans are tied to brands, not to users' accounts.

What's next?

Create your first task on Billo

Approve creators' applications

Deliver the product

Approve the content

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