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What is the difference between Regular and Premium Creators?
What is the difference between Regular and Premium Creators?
What should I choose when selecting my Creator Criteria?
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When creating your task and selecting the Creator Criteria, you have the option to choose between working with Regular Creators or Premium Creators 🀩

We have a wide range of Regular and Premium creators who can produce top-quality videos in their own home spaces. 🏠

Regular Creators

Common characteristics of regular creators:

  • Have basic video creation skills;

  • Can product videos with only a smartphone;

  • No additional filming equipment is required;

  • Features natural, home environment;

  • Videos are mostly used for social platforms and advertising campaigns.

Premium Creators

Common characteristics of Premium creators:

  • More experienced, with profound knowledge of videography, acting, and editing;

  • Filmed using professional filming equipment (e.g. pro camera, external microphone, studio lights, tripod) or using 4K on a Smartphone

  • Features creative shots, aesthetical composition, and seamless cuts;

  • Can be filmed in a home environment, or neutral/colored background;

  • Videos are perfect for product pages, product listings, and advertising campaigns.

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