After the product is in the creator's hands, it will take them 7-12 days to create a video. 🚀

Once the creator uploaded a video, you have 3 business days to approve it, otherwise, it will be auto-approved by our system (from when it is in the "approval" stage). If something is missing in the video that was mentioned in your task brief, you can ask for the edits.

💡 PRO TIP: The Billo watermark will be removed when you download any approved video 😎

There are two ways to find all your approved videos:

1 - From the Brand Dashboard on the left menu go to Videos > My Videos. Here you will find waiting for your approval and approved videos.

2 - From the Task page click on a completed task and select Video. You will be able to view the approved videos within the task, and download them from there 🚀

💡 PRO TIP: Videos are only visible when they are in the "Requires Approval" or "Approved" stage. If you request edits, you will not be able to see the video that your creator uploaded.

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