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How do I contact my creators?
How do I contact my creators?

I need to reach out to my creator directly, help!

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You can communicate with approved Creators who are working on your task, by using the direct chat feature on the Billo platform! Communication outside Billo platform via email, social platform or phone is not allowed πŸ“©

Using Direct Chat

Here's how to send your approved creator a message via direct chat:

  1. Click on the Messages icon found at the top navigation beside Get a video

  2. Find the creator you want to message based on the tasks you have active

  3. Send a message, and wait for a response! 😎

Best Practices

When to contact your creators via direct chat πŸ“©

βœ… To get their information for shipping purposes

βœ… To provide more information on how to access or use a digital product (online services, Games, Apps)

βœ… To get sizing information.

βœ… If you need to confirm certain information before shipping the product.

βœ… If you need to get photos for a custom product

βœ… If you want to share further instructions on how to use the product

βœ… In case there are changes or updates on product delivery time

When using the chat feature, please remember to:

βœ… Stay on topic. Questions and information should be relevant to the task being discussed

❌ Don’t solicit other community members for work/communication outside of Billo

❗️Keep in mind:

  • You can only message creators you've approved for a task. πŸ’¬

  • Once the task is completed, the chat with the creator is closed automatically by the system after 48 hours. If there is anything you want to communicate with the creator later, you can let the CS team know and we will reach out to him for you. πŸš€

  • If you haven't heard back from your creator and you need certain info from them to proceed with your order, please please send our Support Team a message!

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